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July 26, 2020, I SEARCHED FOR A MAN - Pastor Michael Gantt


Pastor Michael Gantt delivers a powerful message and an urgent plea for men of God to stand up in this generation and command in the Name of Jesus that the state of rebellion in our nation against God would cease. God said to Ezekiel, "I sought a man, but found none." Will he find a man in this generation. 

Sheep and Wolves

Pastor Bryan brings message about Sheep and Wolves and how we are to treat them differently!

This week Pastor Bryan preaches about the covenant relationship the United States of America made with the Lord and her foundation, the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Pastor Bryan points out the hypocrisy of the politics of the day


June 7, 2020 - AFTERGLOW - Pastor Michael Gantt

In the previous week, Pastor Bryan Gantt brought powerful teaching about Shavuot or the Feast of Pentecost. In this morning's message, Pastor Michael brings a follow-up message which gives powerful insight into the days that followed the Pentecost outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Afterglow is the first of three messages in this series highlighting the powerful events that occurred in the "afterglow" of Pentecost. 


May 31, 2020 - SHAVUOT - Pastor Bryan Gantt

Pastor Bryan Gantt delivers a powerful message for Pentecost, providing us with a view of this holy feast day that many are not aware of. When the Holy Spirit came upon the 120 persons in the Upper Room, it was not the establishment of the Day of Pentecost, but it was at the long-established Sabbath that was set when Moses went up to the mountain to receive the Law from the finger of God. Great truth and illumination in this teaching. 

Have A Little Faith

May 24, 2020 ~ HAVE A LITTLE FAITH ~ Pastor Bryan Gantt 

In this timely message, Pastor Bryan speaks to a community that is enduring a pandemic like none of us have seen, and all of the problems and potential dangers that arise from it of both health and political sources. As he says, its not just a sermon - its an exhortation to have a little faith. 


MAY 17, 2020 - FORGIVENESS ~ Pastor Bryan Gantt

Forgiveness is the key to unlock our freedom! 

This Is That

May 3, 2020 ~ THIS IS THAT ~ Pastor Michael Gantt 

Pastor has been leading us through a series of studies of the important "days" that followed the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Two weeks ago we looked at "The 8th Day," and then one week ago, "The 40th Day" and in this message, we look at events that took place on "The 50th Day." The fiftieth day, of course, is the day that Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to fill the disciples with His spirit and launched the church. Great message focusing on the power of the Gospel and the enablement of the Holy Spirit. 

The 40th Day

April 26, 2020 ~THE 40th DAY~ Pastor Michael Gantt~ Pastor Gantt has been walking us through an examination of some of the critical "days" that followed the crucifixion and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. In this message, we examine day 40 after the resurrection - known as Ascension Day.  Powerful truth for a church that wants to move forward in the Great Commission with power!

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