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The Cave

July 24, 2022 - THE CAVE - Pastor Bryan Gantt

We are still moving forward, moving upward, moving deeper - that's the theme that God has been bringing us back to every week for what seems to be several months now. Again, Pastor Bryan challenges us to go deeper with Christ as we seek to become the people that God has called us to be. 


July 10, 2022 - THERE IS A NAME - Pastor Bryan Gantt

A powerful message delivered by our Lead Pastor, Bryan Gantt. There is POWER, there is HEALING, there is DELIVERANCE in the Mighty Name of Jesus. 

Onward! Upward!

July 3, 2022 ~ Onward! Upward! ~ Pastor Bryan Gantt

An unusual sermon for an Independence Day homily, but Pastor brings a powerful contrast between what he calls The Biblical Worldview and The Gospel Worldview. We need both - one without the other leaves us powerless to walk the Christian LIfe! You will be both instructed and blessed by this message. 


June 26, 2022 - TRUTH AND TESTIMONY - Pastor Michael Gantt 

Psalm 78 says, "I have established a testimony in Jacob and appointed a law in Israel...." Pastor Michael brings an important message in TRUTH AND TESTIMONY that declares with strong proof from the Word of God that teaching our children DOCTRINE is not sufficient to establish them in a right relationship with God. We need to tell STORIES (testimonies) of the great and mighty works of God in our lives. 


Pastor Bryan takes a courageous stand against a new theology which is custom designed as a complimentary "truth" to the feelings of men who don't want the truth of God's Word as it is written. He deals with some of the tough questions of our generation such as abortion, sexuality, and the claim that all religions are the same. This is meat. 

Fishermen Fish

June 12, 2022 ~ FISHERMEN FISH ~ Pastor M. Bryan Gantt

Called upon at the last minute to fill in for Pastor Michael who was out due to illness, Pastor Bryan brings a powerful message on the priority of evangelism in the calling of the church. Using Jesus exchanges with a group of fishermen that have toiled all night and not caught a thing, Pastor Bryan gives a powerful appeal that we all become "fishers of men."

June 5, 2022 - HELL WAS NOT PREPARED FOR A MAN - Pastor Michael Gantt

Pastor Michael Gantt dispels some misunderstanding about the doctrine of Hell and in very plain language shows us that Hell was created for man; it was not man's destiny. However, those men who reject God's mercy and grace will gain the inheritance that was intended for the Devil and his angels. Great teaching! 

April 24, 2022 - THE CHURCH, A ROCK OF CONFESSION - Pastor Michael Gantt

Pastor Michael Gantt shares important truths about the calling and mission of the church, the Body of Christ of whom Christ is the Head. 

April 17, 2022, RESURRECTION SUNDAY - "Identifying with Christ"

Pastor Michael Gantt preaches the message for our Resurrection Day Celebration which was also a service of Water Baptism. There is a powerful connection between the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ and the rite of water baptism. Pastor Michael makes an appeal to those who have not been baptized in water to make that decision as a public testimony of their faith in the finished work of Christ. 

April 10, 2022, PALM SUNDAY - A BIBLICAL WORLD VISION - Pastor Michael Gantt preaching at the Newport Church of God in Newport, VT

Many folks believe they have a Biblical World View, but their worldview is indeed worldly with a few scriptures verses sprinkled in. They don't really view the world through the lens of the Holy Scriptures.  Many believe they have a ministry vision that comes from God, but its really their own aspirations which they have asked God to bless. Important message from Pastor Gantt. 

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