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February 28, 2021 - MISQUOTED-PT. 2 - Pastor Bryan Gantt

Renewing some previous teaching on the proper way to handle the Scriptures and avoid mis-applying the Word of God and missing its true meaning - Pastor Bryan focuses upon one great example of taking God's Word out of its context and applying it to situations in which it does not belong. God teaching. 


February 21, 2021 - PURIM - A DAY OF DELIVERANCE - Pastor Bryan Gantt

The most fun you can have in church and still be the recipient of great teaching, powerful encouragement, and God honoring truths. Pastor Bryan's teaching on the Jewish Holiday, PURIM is always a treat, and always a blessing. Join us - and bring some kind of noise maker. 

Ahavah (Love)

February 14, 2021 - AHAVAH (Love) - Pastor Bryan Gantt

In this message, Pastor Bryan Gantt provides us with a powerful and clear view of God's idea of Love. On Valentine's Day, when we are all thinking about flowers and chocolates - God is thinking about the crown jewel of His creation and how much He loves us. 

February 7, 2021 - THE CERTAINTY OF GOD'S WRATH - Pastor Michael Gantt

This is the second of two messages preached in February by Pastor Michael. Unfortunately, due to technical issues, the first was not recorded - however, you can find it on Agape's Facebook Page if you would like to listen to the first. Based upon scriptures from the Book of Deuteronomy, Pastor teaches us that those of us can be certain of living under God's blessings - but those who rebel, even nations, can be certain of His wrath. 

January 24, 2021 - THE SEAL OR THE MARK - Pastor Bryan Gantt

A riveting message concerning the rise of Anti-Christ and the Mark of the Beast which brings great hope to those who have received the Seal of Christ. The Bible is full of references to marks and seals. Many today are living in anxiety with regard to the Mark of the Beast - this message tells us that we need not fear the "mark of the beast" when we have received the "seal of Christ!" 

January 17, 2021 - THE MAN WITHOUT FEAR - Pastor Bryan Gantt

We live in uncertain times with an uncertain future (as far as this world goes). How can we live without fear. Pastor Bryan gives practical truths in this message for the man who would live without fear. 

January 3, 2021 - BY THIS TIME TOMORROW - Pastor Bryan Gantt

A powerful message of hope for the new year by Pastor Bryan in today's message. If you have ever felt besieged, cut off, out of room, or without a way of escape - you need to listen to this message. Israel's King received a powerful message from the prophet Elisha in the midst of his greatest need, and the message was "By this time Tomorrow" (2 Kings 7)

A Man Called John

December 27, 2020 ~ A MAN CALLED JOHN ~ Pastor Michael Gantt

Powerful truths from the life of a man who lived in the desert and ate locust for lunch. John, the cousin of Jesus and forerunner of Messiah teaches us some powerful lessons about walking out the calling of God upon our lives. Simple truths, powerful truths. 

December 20, 2020 - 7 Words for Christmas - Pastor Michael Gantt

There are some words, powerful words, that are no longer often used in modern conversation. Yet, they carry deep meaning for those who understand them. Pastor Michael shares 7 Words for Christmas on this Christmas Sunday. 

Christmas Cousins

December 13, 2020 - CHRISTMAS COUSINS - Pastor Michael Gantt

Pastor Michaels brings powerful teaching from the first chapter of Luke and the announcement of the births of two amazing men - John and his cousin, Jesus. In the verses contained in Luke 1, we are reminded that God is on the throne, that He has a powerful plan - not only for the world, but for you and I. We also learn that regardless of who sits in the seat of power in our nation, he is but a stream of water in the Hand of God - turned in whichever direction He choses. 

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