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May 31, 2020 - SHAVUOT - Pastor Bryan Gantt

Pastor Bryan Gantt delivers a powerful message for Pentecost, providing us with a view of this holy feast day that many are not aware of. When the Holy Spirit came upon the 120 persons in the Upper Room, it was not the establishment of the Day of Pentecost, but it was at the long-established Sabbath that was set when Moses went up to the mountain to receive the Law from the finger of God. Great truth and illumination in this teaching. 

Have A Little Faith

May 24, 2020 ~ HAVE A LITTLE FAITH ~ Pastor Bryan Gantt 

In this timely message, Pastor Bryan speaks to a community that is enduring a pandemic like none of us have seen, and all of the problems and potential dangers that arise from it of both health and political sources. As he says, its not just a sermon - its an exhortation to have a little faith. 


MAY 17, 2020 - FORGIVENESS ~ Pastor Bryan Gantt

Forgiveness is the key to unlock our freedom! 

This Is That

May 3, 2020 ~ THIS IS THAT ~ Pastor Michael Gantt 

Pastor has been leading us through a series of studies of the important "days" that followed the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Two weeks ago we looked at "The 8th Day," and then one week ago, "The 40th Day" and in this message, we look at events that took place on "The 50th Day." The fiftieth day, of course, is the day that Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to fill the disciples with His spirit and launched the church. Great message focusing on the power of the Gospel and the enablement of the Holy Spirit. 

The 40th Day

April 26, 2020 ~THE 40th DAY~ Pastor Michael Gantt~ Pastor Gantt has been walking us through an examination of some of the critical "days" that followed the crucifixion and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. In this message, we examine day 40 after the resurrection - known as Ascension Day.  Powerful truth for a church that wants to move forward in the Great Commission with power!


April 12, 2020 ~ Pastor Bryan Gantt on RESURRECTION SUNDAY

Pastor Bryan brings a powerful message about living in the supernatural lifestyle that was made possible through the resurrection of Jesus from the dead! Don't miss it. 

The Day of the Lord

March 29, 2020 ~THE DAY OF THE LORD ~ Pastor Bryan Gantt

Recently we have been studying the letters of Paul to the church at Thessalonica and the study has been rich and encouraging. In this message, Pastor Bryan discusses what the Bible teaches about The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord. Rich teaching. 


I had the opportunity to visit with an old friend, Pastor David Levandusky on March 9 wherein he interviewed me on his radio program about my new book, OLD PATHS and ANCIENT MARKERS, Guarding the Treasure of the Gospel.  I don't know if you are interested in listening to radio interviews or not, but I'm posting the audio file for those who would like to know more about my new book, soon to be released. I'm excited about it and hope you will pray with me that this important teaching will find its way into many hands. 

March 1, 2020 ~ THE PATTERN OF THE THESSALONIANS - Pastor Michael Gantt

In the first message in this series, Pastor Michael Gantt, demonstrated from the scriptures the wonderful virtues of this young church in Thessalonica. In this message, he pulls out some helpful truths concerning the pattern of the church at Thessalonica that we would do well to use as a pattern ourselves. Though a baby church, this group of believers learned how to both follow good role models and to become a good role model for others to follow. 

February 23, 2020, ~ THE VIRTUES OF THE THESSALONIANS ~ Pastor Michael Gantt

Pastor Michael shares some powerful truths about the church at Thessalonica, planted by the Apostle Paul on his second missionary journey. Even though he was only able to remain in the city for about three weeks before some radical Jewish believers stirred up trouble, a church was planted and when he sent Timothy back to check on the baby congregation, he found them flourishing. Paul noted in the first ten verses of 1 Thessalonians that they were especially known for their faith that was working, their love that worked, and their hope that sustained them. May we desire to see the same virtues working in us. 

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