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JUNE 9, 2019 - THE PROPHET SAMUEL - Pastor Michael K Gantt.  Due to an incorrect audio setting on our recording equipment, the audio on this podcast is of a lesser quality than normal.  It is an acceptable recording for listening, but lacking the usual pristine sound we strive for.  However, THE PROPHET SAMUEL is a powerful, prophetic, and potentially life changing message and we encourage you to take the time to listen.  Pastor Gantt, teaching from the life of Samuel - Prophet of Israel, asserts that Parents and Grandparents have not only the right, but a responsibility to prophesy over the lives of their children and further, that much of the anti-child, anti-birth rhetoric of the modern culture constitutes a powerful and destructive "prophetic" atmosphere over the children of this generation.  Please take the time to listen - and respond to this powerful message and begin to prophesy over your children and grandchildren, that they might realize their destiny in Christ. 

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