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September 1, 2019 - THE PROPHET AND THE ALTAR - Pastor M. Bryan Gantt

Pastor Bryan Gantt brings a powerful message as he tells the story of the prophets of Baal in their contest with Elijah, the Prophet of God. In this amazing story, we see that the altar we need most to be concerned about is the altar of our hearts.


Pastor Michael is the leader of a guided tour in this message as we take a walk through Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem. He will show us, and interpret for us, each piece of furniture in this great House of God - showing us how everything here on earth is a mirror of things heavenly.  As we enter the Temple we see the great Brazen Altar and journey all the way through to the Holy of Holies and the ark of the Covenant. 

The Broken

July 28, 2019 - THE BROKEN - Pastor M. Bryan Gantt. ....We are all broken, or have been, or will be - all broken, but there is good news - Our God restores the broken, sits them at His table and renews and restores. The story of Mephibosheth, in second Samuel 9 is a powerful reminder of the healing and restoring power of our God.  

July 14, 2019 - THE RISE AND FALL OF KING SAUL - Pastor Michael Gantt.  He began so well, but finished in disaster. The failed principles and abandoned character that lost the Kingdom to Saul. 

July 18, 2019 - THE NATION THAT FORGETS GOD - Pastor Michael Gantt (on the occasion of the D.L. Moody Days at the Moody Auditorium, Northfield, MA) The theme of the conference was revival. Pastor Michael preached a message, declaring that the NEXT GREAT REVIVAL has already begun - just not in America.  (Some of the material in this message will be familiar to those who follow Pastor Michael's ministry as he has been teaching these principles for more than a year.  However, the final half of the message focuses on REVIVAL, and why we are not truly seeing revival in America.) This is a "watchman" message, designed to wake up the sleeping.

June 23, 2019 - A LEGACY LOST - The Sins of Eli, Pastor Michael K. Gantt

We conclude our series of messages from the life of Samuel, Prophet of Israel with a perhaps disconcerting message, but vital nonetheless. This message comes as a warning to parents who love their children, but who sometimes foolishly bring curses upon their children rather than blessings.  Listen to all three of these powerful teachings featuring instruction as to how to pray prophetically over the lives of your children and grandchildren. 

June 16, 2019 - THE PROPHETIC VOICE OF PARENTS - Pastor Michael Gantt 

Pastor Michael Gantt continues with a series of messages that came out of his study of the life of Samuel, the last judge and first prophet of Israel.  Pastor Michael began last week in his message THE PROPHET SAMUEL to show us how Hannah (Samuel's Mother) and other godly women spoke and prayed prophetically over their children and the incredible outcome those prophetic prayers had in the life of their children. In this message, Pastor Michael presents a practical outline for praying prophetic prayers over our children.  VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS --EVEN FOSTER PARENTS AND RESPITE PARENTS.  Let us realize and utilize the authority we have to speak blessings over our children and in so doing build a strong legacy in our lineage. 


JUNE 9, 2019 - THE PROPHET SAMUEL - Pastor Michael K Gantt.  Due to an incorrect audio setting on our recording equipment, the audio on this podcast is of a lesser quality than normal.  It is an acceptable recording for listening, but lacking the usual pristine sound we strive for.  However, THE PROPHET SAMUEL is a powerful, prophetic, and potentially life changing message and we encourage you to take the time to listen.  Pastor Gantt, teaching from the life of Samuel - Prophet of Israel, asserts that Parents and Grandparents have not only the right, but a responsibility to prophesy over the lives of their children and further, that much of the anti-child, anti-birth rhetoric of the modern culture constitutes a powerful and destructive "prophetic" atmosphere over the children of this generation.  Please take the time to listen - and respond to this powerful message and begin to prophesy over your children and grandchildren, that they might realize their destiny in Christ. 


May 17, 2019 - CRY MERCY - M. K. Gantt.  Pastor Michael Gantt presented a Keynote Address for the COLORADO CHRISTIAN WRITERS CONFERENCE in Estes Park, Colorado. Theme of this speech was taken from his book CRY MERCY.  Pastor Gantt makes a compelling argument that America is under the judgment of God - a judgment that will not only persist, but intensify because has forgotten God, who raised up America for His own purposes. America is not only a nation filled with great iniquity, but we are proud of it...and like Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, the pride of America will become the source of our humiliation before the God who raises up kingdoms and tears them down.  Michael Gantt will also be a KEYNOTE SPEAKER at the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference in August of 2019.  

May 26, 2019 - THE SWORD OF THE LORD - Pastor Michael Gantt - This message is particularly presented for those who might feel weak, ineffective, insecure, unimportant, or who feel that their lives simply don't matter.  The Angel of the Lord found Gideon threshing wheat in a winepress...hiding from the Midianites. He was the least member of the least family of the least tribe of Israel and yet the Angel greets him, Hail Gideon, mighty man of Valor! The Lord is with you!" God did not view Gideon through his weak and fearful eyes, but through the eyes of the eternal God that saw Gideon not as he was, but as he could be. 

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